New Delhi: (Geetesh Ujjainwal, Intern Journalist) Charges filed against Dr. M.A. Anwar concerning the communal violence in North East Delhi, in late February this year. Dr. M.A. Anwar is the owner of Al hind hospital in Mustafabad. Anwar had given free treatment to more than 600 injured patients during riots. His name is in the charge sheet of Dilbar Negi’s murder. Dilbar Negi, a 20-year-old waiter at the Anil Sweets shop in Shiv Vihar. On 24th February, Dilbar Negi was murdered by rioters, in the shop where he used to work, he was set on fire by them.

For now, Anwar is not been charged, but 12 people have been charged for this murder by the Delhi police. In the charge sheet, it was written that the anti CAA protest in Farooqia‌ masjid was organized by him and he had delivered hate speeches against the central government. 53 people were killed during the riots.

Anwar had responded to the allegations by saying, ” I am aware that my name is in the charge sheet. Neither did I organize nor did I participate in the protest because I was always busy. A few times I told the local police that commuting in the area is a problem due to the protest and it should be cleared out. My name has been dragged because I treated people in the hospital during riots, ” he told the Indian Express.

The charge sheet filed on 4th June by Delhi police states that they haven’t enquired Anwar, but according to Anwar and documents, from February to June Delhi police had enquired him several times and his phone has also been ceased by them. So now the question arises that why the Delhi police making false claims in the charge sheet, is their investigation is one-sided?

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