(Manisha Mahar, Intern Journalist): Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal expressed happiness at the press conference today that while a month ago it was estimated that there will be 60,000 active cases in Delhi by June 30, whereas today there are only 26000 thousand active cases. He said that now the situation in Delhi has improved with the solidarity and hard work of all.

Kejriwal initially reported that, according to the central government website, Corona was estimated to have 1 lakh cases and about 60,000 active cases by June 30 in Delhi. There are only 26,000 active cases of coronavirus in Delhi today (1 July). He further said that, at present, there are 5,800 patients of Coronavirus in Delhi hospitals. There were 6,250 patients a week ago. The number of patients in Delhi is decreasing rather than increasing. A total of 87,000 cases of corona have been reported in Delhi so far, of which 58,000 patients have been cured.

“On June 23, around 4,000 cases of coronavirus were reported in Delhi, about 2,200 cases were reported yesterday. In the last one week, half of the daily cases of coronavirus are seen”, Kejriwal said.

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