(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): The US Parliament (House of Representatives) passed a bill to legislate against discrimination against Uighur Muslims in China. Under this law, the responsible officers can be banned. The bill passed by a majority on Wednesday. Voting for the bill was passed by 413 votes in favor, while only one vote was cast against it.

Now this bill will be sent to President Donald Trump. It will become law as soon as Trump signs it. Earlier in the US Senate, the act was introduced by Senator Marco Rubio. It has been passed unanimously in the Senate this month.

Reports of atrocities with Uighur Muslims have been reported several times in the far western region of China’s Xinjiang state. It was also disclosed here that Uighur Muslims were sent to internment camps due to increased beard and more children.

America will be able to take back the visa of responsible Chinese officials

The new law will provide for the withdrawal of visas of officials responsible for the persecution of Muslims and human rights abuses. In addition, the US State Department has been asked to prepare a report on human rights abuses in China’s Xinjiang state.

Nancy Pelosi supported the bill

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi supported it after the bill was introduced. He said that if the US does not speak out on human rights violations in China for some business interests, then it will lose the moral right to speak on this issue anywhere in the world.

US MP Sherman said – we are with the Uighars

Before the bill was introduced in Parliament, MP Brad Sherman said that China has tried to suppress incidents of human rights violations with economic strength. The human rights violation of Muslims forced the speaking countries to remain silent. Sherman said that we are engulfed in the global epidemic. Now China wants us to forget the issue of Uighur Muslims. We have to raise it. It has to be conveyed that we are with them. We will fight for the downtrodden and will never forget it.

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