Apple has also announced watchOS 7 including iPadOS 14 and iOS 14 at its biggest event WWDC 2020. To improve the features of users in watchOS 7, the company has used many new health and fitness features in it. Apart from this, features like watch face management, sleep tracking, and new workout types will also be available. Which will make the experience and use of Apple Watch more special than before.

What’s new in watchOS 7?
Apple’s watchOS 7 will provide users with watch face management. Users will be able to manage multiple applications with the help of a single app, as well as share watch face configuration with specific applications. According to the information given on Apple’s website, users can download Watch Face with the help of many websites and messages.
Apart from this, watchOS 7 has a special feature sleep tracking which users have been waiting for a long time. In this, Apple Watch users will see important information such as downtime routine, pre-set sleep pills, etc. in the morning UI. Also, a Silent haptic alarm has been given which can help to wake up the users without disturbing them.
Get handwashing feature

You may feel a bit strange to hear this feature, but let us know that in this you will get information about washing hands for 20 seconds. Also, Apple Watch will tell about handwashing motion and sound with the help of motion sensors, microphone, and machine learning. After this, the 20-second countdown timer will start and if the users wash hands before this countdown then they will be prompted to wash their hands properly. The special thing is that this feature will also give notification of handwashing when Apple Watch users arrive home.

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