(Namita Pradhan, Intern Journalist): I look at my mother and couldn’t understand the pain she went through until I felt the same. I have seen her suffering once every month but couldn’t know why until the day I have my menstruation. I got scared of bleeding and the pain I suffer but she gave me the strength to endure the pain. I now had the courage to endure it but still someday couldn’t get the strength to walk away from the bed it seems hard to wake up and I mourn and mourn in pain, and then I realized how my beautiful mother was suffering from those pains and still manage to do all the work.

I thought that’s the only pain a woman suffers but then I saw my aunt got pregnant and I wonder how she carried a baby in her womb for 9 months. I saw her sufferings during her delivery and then I realized that my mother also has been through the same pain to bring me into this world. After observing all this I went to my mom to thank her for the sufferings she had for me then she replied “One day you will go through the same pain.” After hearing that I wondered “why a woman has to endure all the pain?”

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