(Juhi Aishwary, Intern Journalist):  Telling how important the vaccine is against the coronavirus infection would probably be like showing Diya to the sun. Israel’s defense laboratory has claimed to have developed antibodies and two Italian scientists to make the improvised vaccine. Human trials are going on under the leadership of researchers from Oxford University.

Initial human trials of one or two vaccines are going on in the US and India as well. Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson feared recently that it is possible that we could not make a vaccine against Corona in the near future. His scientific advisors also agreed with this statement. Many scientists say that we need to learn the art of living with the coronavirus.

This is why there is a fear of failure in making a vaccine: making a vaccine is complicated and technically difficult. Essentially the job of a vaccine is to prevent infection from entering the body, to stop its spread, and to minimize damage. All three should be done safely, The side effects of any vaccine are severe and widespread. These targets have to be achieved in the vaccine being developed against Corona. Ideally, the vaccine will rapidly form antibodies, which will eliminate the virus. At the same time, the T cells will eliminate infected cells. Every vaccine is different from another. The danger is also hidden in the rapid growth in the T cells, which can lead to fatal cancer.

Mutations of mutations: Many mutations have taken place in Corona so far. Researchers are trying to target the spike protein of Covid-19, but mutations are also taking place in it. Research at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has found strong evidence. Covid-19 has changed its form in every country. Three major mutations have been done so far.

A very difficult challenge is vaccine making: HIV has identified 30 years ago, but no vaccine has yet been made to stop AIDS. The virus responsible for dengue fever was identified in 1943, but the first vaccine was approved last year. However, in some cases, the vaccine failed and the infection increased manifold. At the same time, the vaccine for SARS and Mars has also not been prepared.

The only improvisation will be achieved: John McCulley of the Francis Crick Institute, a global influenza center, says that it takes time to understand the challenges of each vaccine. You have to understand them in a point-wise way, this happens with every vaccine. We have not fully understood this virus and we do not fully understand its components. Yes, we will achieve something, which will be helpful.

Immunity to the Corona Family is not developed: The main concern in developing the vaccine against the corona is about the endo body. Immunity against Corona is not permanent. Corona family viruses are responsible for one-fourth of the common cold-fever cases in humans. Every year the average person gets a cold fever. To date, immunity against the old coronavirus has not been developed.

Haste will be heavy: Safety cannot be staked in a hurry to make a vaccine. More than 100 research centers are trying to make the Covid-19 vaccine. Medications are given to sick people, while vaccines are to healthy people. In such a situation, any disturbance in the vaccine can make millions of people sick. The WHO and the Geneva Alliance for Vaccines have also warned in this regard. Our cell ligands may also be loosened in the process of targeting the S protein of the corona.

Help to break the chain: Provisional vaccine can weaken Covid-19. Although the situation will be bad for the elderly, the youth will come forward with strong immunity, which will help break the corona chain. John McCulley says this is a path. If we cannot add immunity, it has to be increased.

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