( Kajal Singh intern journalist):
The World Health Organization (WHO) has given its support to the controversial trial in which healthy people will be infected with the coronavirus. During this time, there will also be a risk of people getting seriously ill.
WHO says that infecting healthy volunteers to corona will speed up the process of vaccine preparation. For this reason, the Health Organization has also called it morally correct.
The World Health Organization has also set eight conditions regarding vaccine trials. Only 18 to 30 years old people can be included under this.
After infecting healthy people, to see the effect of the vaccine on them is also called a challenge trial. Such experiments have been done to prepare vaccines for malaria, typhoid, flu. However, medicines were available to treat these diseases.
But no treatment is present at the time of falling ill with the coronavirus. Because of this, it would be difficult to cure a healthy person after he has been seriously ill.
The vaccine is usually tested on those who have already been infected. A trial has been started by such people from Oxford University and Imperial College London. However, this process is slow and there has been talking of a challenge trying to speed it up.
Let us know that the cases of corona are increasing continuously in the world including India. By Sunday morning in India, about 63 thousand corona patients have been made. At the same time, 2109 people have lost their lives.

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