(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): Demonstrations are taking place across America after the death of a black man George Floyd in police custody in the US. Hundreds of people demonstrated outside the White House in Washington on Friday, following which the White House has been closed. The protesters demand that action be taken against the policemen.

On May 26, Floyd was arrested by police in Minneapolis on charges of fraud. Earlier, a police officer caught Floyd on the road and held his neck with his knee for about eight minutes. Floyd had handcuffs in his hands. Its video also went viral. In this, 40-year-old George constantly kept pleading with the police officer to remove his knee. He said, ‘Your knee is on my neck. I can’t breathe‚Ķ. “Gradually, his movements stop. After this, the officer says ‘get up and sit in the car’ even then there is no response. During this time there is a lot of crowds around. He is rushed to the hospital, where he dies.

Demonstration continues after video went viral

Demonstrations also took place on Friday in New York, California, and Minnesota, according to media reports. There was a clash with the police in many places. Outside the White House in Washington, police had to release tear gas to control people.

Riots erupted in the city of Minneapolis in the state of Minnesota. The protesters set the police station on fire after vandalizing it. Looting took place in some places. Seeing the worsening of the situation, Governor Tim Walz imposed an emergency. Anti-police demonstrations took place in New York. Many people have also been arrested during this period. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump warned the rioters. Said- If looting takes place, bullets will be fired from our side.

Trump spoke to Floyd’s family

“I have spoken to Floyd’s family,” Trump said Friday during a roundtable meeting with an American businessman. I regretted this incident. It was very frightening. It was an incident for which there was no excuse. “

Tweeter has once again objected to Trump’s tweet about rioters. Twitter has red-flagged her tweet for the second time in four days. Twitter has described her tweet as encouraging riot. The White House has also retweeted it following a warning from the social media platform. His tweet has not been blocked. However, a working notice has been imposed on him. Now his tweet cannot be commented or retweeted.

UN demands strict action

United Nations (UN) High Commissioner for Human Rights Michel Bachelet has asked the US to take strict action against police officers. Bachelet said that American police officers have been killing African-Americans for a long time. This incident is not new. He has demanded to convict and sentence the officers. He said that in the past, there have been investigations on such killings in many cases, but the results have never come true.

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