(Anjali Shreya, Intern Journalist): India has achieved a special achievement in the fight with Corona. On August 17, India announced that 3 crore tests have been done in the country so far. With this, India became the fourth country in the world to have done the most tests. China, America and Russia are ahead of India in the test. However, antigen test has a major contribution in increasing this number in India which is less reliable.

In the first few months of the pandemic, there was criticism that India was doing very little test compared to other countries. By the end of May, only 52 out of 215 countries were such, whose figures indicated that they are doing fewer tests than India according to their population. In the countries worst affected by Corona, no country was testing fewer people per million population than India.

This situation changed during the last month. India has now done 30 million tests and the last one crore tests have been done in just two weeks. The first one crore test took place in 164 days, and the second one crore took place in 27 days.
In the last two weeks, more than six lakh people were tested every day in India. This is much higher than in the last week of May when less than one lakh people were being tested every day.

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