(Kajal Singh intern journalist): The sonic boom is being heard extensively after an incident in Bengaluru.
Actually it is important to know the interesting scientific facts behind it.
Suddenly, you may have seen the windows of the house shattering with a loud sound. There is a loud bang-like sound as the airplane passes. Due to which we hear sound like explosion or thunder of clouds. Sometimes a vibration-like condition also arises from loud sound. This is due to the sonic boom.
The term sonic boom is very much in discussion nowadays after an incident in Bengaluru. The sound that rips the curtains of the ears is called a sonic boom. It has been heard in Punjab and Rajasthan. This happens when the ship is passing over us. Due to which a strange and loud voice is heard. It seems as if something is torn somewhere but it does not actually happen. Actually, the mechanism of physics is working behind it. When something crosses the air at a speed much faster than the speed of sound, a blast-like sound is heard.
This voice is called a sonic boom. You must have heard that the sonic boom is going on when the plane is moving. This is due to moving faster than the speed of the voice. Otherwise, walking at a slower speed than the speed of voice does not matter much. Similarly, when the speed of something increases with the speed of sound, it is called supersonic speed. The speed of sound in the air is 332 meters per second. This means that for anything to be in supersonic speed, the speed has to be caught more than 332 meters per second.

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