(Deepshikha Gautam, intern journalist) Vikas Dubey due to which 8 policemen were martyred in Kanpur is still absconding. Alert has been issued in many states to caught Gangster Vikas Dubey. A statement by Vikas Dubey’s mother Sarala Dubey has caused a stir in the political corridor. Sarala said,” Vikas was about 5 years in BJP, 15 years in 15 years in BSP, and 5 years in SP. She questioned that if Vikas was so bad, why did the old parties include Vikas in their party. And the leadership had been away from him, he might have been living in peace”, according to Vikas Dubey’s mother. Sarala told that the stove has not been burned in the house for 3 days.

Gangster Vikas Dubey

Tears dripped from his mother’s eyes on the question of becoming Vikas as a gangster. She said crying,” Leadership destroyed him. He also brightened the area of 85 nearby villages along with Bikeru. But the leaders put him on the wrong path. First, make him commit a crime and later fall behind his life.” She said that Vikas has to suffer. She said, “Leadership made him criminal. This leadership is trying to fall behind his life”. She said, “If it is Vikas’s mistake, why should they be punished. Why have they broken our house? where will the elderly live now?” Sarala is so disturbed by the work of son and the strict action of government she said till her death.

Explain that on Thursday night, Police went to capture Vikas Dubey, but Vikas attacked the police. In which 8 policemen were martyred. Police are tracing Vikas Dubey after the incident. Orders have been given to catch gangster Vikas Dubey alive or dead on the borders of all the states adjoining Uttar Pradesh.

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