(Rishitha Jaladi, Intern Journalist): Its time for monsoon and the city is already drenched with water droplets from heaven. Hence, The municipal corporation of Vijayawada has prepared a plan to convert vacant and un-occupied lands into green belts.

The city of Vijayawada is extended to about  61.88 sq. km but, the amount of greenery accommodated it very minimal. Adding to it, the city has turned into a concrete jungle due to population explosion, and air quality has sunken. As a result, The Vijayawada municipal corporation(VMC) took substantial measures and has decided to spend 18 crores fund from “Amruth Scheme” released by the government to convert uninhabited lands into greenery spots.

As a part of this, Lenin center park, CVR bridge, Lotus pond mark park are to be renewed. Parallelly, The municipal corporation has outlined to spend 2 crores for Rajiv Gandhi park, 1 crore for Raghavaiah park, and 1.75 crores for Ambedkar park which is next to the national highway. The Municipal corporation of Vijayawada is trying its best to implement new practices to develop and improve the city. If everything goes accordingly then Vijayawada is on its way to turning clean, green, and pollution-free!

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