Lucknow. A new twist has happened in the kidnapping case in the last few days under the Madniv police station area of ​​the capital, Lucknow. It is to be mentioned that in the past, a complaint was lodged with the police about the kidnapping of a young woman (Shalini Singh) from the police station yesterday, but after the disclosure of the case, it was revealed that the girl has gone with her husband. Not only this girl and boy have already married Arya Samaj.

After this episode, the girl came to register her statement in the Lucknow bench of the High Court along with her husband. At the same time, after the statement was recorded in the court, it became clear that the girl had not been abducted in any way. Let’s say that after the daughter of the Bareilly MLA, this matter of Lucknow’s daughter has come into cognition.

According to the case information

 the girl filed a statement in the court and accused her family that she is also harassing her with threatening by making unnecessary pressure on me. At the same time, the girl has alleged that my husband and me are in danger from my family and have had a clash with my husband’s family before entering the statement. In the same sequence, girl Shalini Singh said that I am happy with my husband and the family did not put any unnecessary pressure on me.

The court said

that no one should take anything from my parents. On July 5, the information about the kidnapping of Shalini Singh under Aziz Nagar police station Madiyav was viral on social media. After that, there was a lot of speculation but later it was reported that Shalini Singh had gone with her husband, Order Tripathi. In April, he was married to Court Marriage and Arya Samaj Temple. Shalini Singh, who reached Lucknow bench, lodged a complaint with her husband, order Tripathi, to tell the court that I am a child and am very happy with my husband. I have nothing to do with my parents. After the statement was recorded in the court, the whole situation has been cleared that Shalini Singh was not kidnapped.

The information was abated by the kidnapping
Police told that Shalini Singh, resident of Jaankipuram Sector 6, was going to Gomti Nagar with her friend Prashant Gupta for some work, when she suddenly disappeared near Aziz Nagar police post under Thana Madiiv. Shalini Singh's friend Prashant Gupta was informed on the number 100 that the four passengers of the car were taken forcibly by Shalini Singh. Thereby stirring up the entire police force.

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