(Dharshini.G, Intern journalist) An appeal has been recorded in the Delhi High Court, looking for bearings to frame a powerful committee to investigate the matter of legitimization of the costs of petroleum and diesel in the whole nation and particularly in Delhi.

The appeal has been recorded by Susheel Mahajan through advocates N. Pradeep Sharma and Harsh K Sharma. It looks for bearings to the Center to lessen the irrational and uncalled-for charges as Excise and VAT, successfully and to find a way to bring down the costs.

The appeal has brought up: “The expansion in petroleum/diesel rates directly affects the pocket of basic man. The common man is battling to meet his two ends meet during the COVID – 19 pandemics. The expansion in excise duty and VAT is irrational and unjustified. Such a step would likewise affect fundamental items and consequently, the costs of basic products would likewise increment numerous folds.”

The petitioner has additionally presented that by not giving the necessary basic products to the overall population at sensible rates, there is a clear violation of Article 21 of the Constitution of India.

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