United Nations(Sandhya Jha Intern Journalist). The appeal of a ceasefire by UN chief Antonio Guterres is global and should apply everywhere along the Line of Control. The spokesman of the UN chief Guterres made this statement in view of the action of ceasefire violations by Pakistan in India.

UN Spokesperson on Pak's anger over LoC - Guterres' ceasefire appeal is global
UN Spokesperson on Pak’s anger over LoC – Guterres’ ceasefire appeal is global

The Pakistan Army had a ceasefire violation on LoC in Jammu and Kashmir this week in which an Indian citizen was killed. India on Friday raised strong objections to the firing by Pakistan on the Line of Control. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Pakistani Army opened fire in Qasba, Kirni, Shahpur, and Shakote sectors of Poonch.

UN chief Guterres said that the whole world is in crisis due to COVID-19. Despite this, countries around the world are not getting rid of the habit of war. He said that due to such conditions, he is calling on all the countries of the world that global ceasefire should be implemented in every corner of the world. He said that the time has come to lockdown military conflicts and focus on the real fight to protect life.

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