Ride Healing Cab aggregator Uber has said that it has started the process of installing safety screens or safety ‘cockpits’ in 20,000 premium sedans to ensure the safety of the driver-partner as well as passengers. The cost of this installation is borne by Uber and comes free to Driver Partners. The company has also said that these safety cockpits are being extended to cabs of other product categories. So far 8,000 such cockpits have been installed in the cab.

Many people are wary of using cabs due to hygiene, and safety issues due to the process of unlocking in cities and the movement of people. Uber is hoping that these measures will help the company regain consumer confidence and pull them back into the company. The safety cockpit is a transparent roof-to-floor transparent plastic screen installed between the passenger and the driver. This enables social disturbances even within the limits of a car. Additionally, it acts as a protection to prevent droplet and aerosol transmission.

Uber first introduced safety cockpits in India to front-line healthcare workers by installing them in ubermedic cars. The company says it is sourcing and distributing cleaning supplies and protective equipment for all its active driver-partners. These include masks, hand sanitizers, and medical-grade vehicle disinfectants. Globally, the company claims to have purchased security supplies worth $ 50 million. Introduced 3 million face masks, 1.2 million shower caps, 200,000 bottles of disinfectants and 200,000 bottles of sanitizers for driver-partners in India

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