Two junior officers of the Indian High Commission in Islamabad (Pakistan) have gone missing. Sources told that two officers have been missing for the past few hours. At the same time, India has also kept an eye on the whole incident and the Indian Mission has also complained to the local authorities and the matter has been referred to the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan.

The incident came to light when two Pakistani officials were caught red-handed trying to spy on Delhi and were asked to leave the country. Two Pakistani High Commission officials were arrested by Indian law enforcement officials on charges of spying. The government has declared them undesirable. India considered her activities illegal and against the country as a member of the diplomatic mission.

Stating that the country is anti-national, an objection has also been issued to the Deputy Ambassador of Pakistan in which protest was lodged on the matter. At the same time, further tension in the already tense India-Pakistan relations increased after this incident.
Monitoring of the Executive High Commissioner of the Indian Embassy

Recently Gaurav Ahluwalia, the acting High Commissioner of the Indian Embassy in Pakistan, was chased by a motorcycle from a member of the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. Not only this, but the ISI had also set up several cars and bikes outside his residence to harass and monitor Gaurav Ahluwalia.

In March, the Indian High Commission in Pakistan sent a stern protest letter to the Ministry of External Affairs in Islamabad, raising voice against the persistent harassment of their officers and staff by Pakistani authorities. India had asked the Pakistani authorities to investigate these incidents immediately and instruct the concerned agencies to ensure that similar incidents do not happen next.
However, Pakistan did not agree and at the beginning of the month, the Government of India once again complained to the Government of Pakistan about Gaurav Ahluwalia’s case.

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