Saloni Subha ( Intern Journalist ) In gloomy times like these, one thing that lifts everyone moods is chocolate. Chocolate is Rich in magnesium and antioxidants, and helps to reduce the cholesterol in our body. What’s more you need, when you this.

Cinnamon hot chocolate: Hot chocolate milk at night gives you a good sleep. Just add milk, chocolate, a pinch of cinnamon, brown sugar, in a pan and stir well. Add some marshmallows and this before you sleep.

Chia seed chocolate pudding: Add 3table spoon of chia seeds, few crushed almonds and walnuts, half of milks 2tablespoon coccoa or drinking chocolate, maple syrup 2tablespoon of brown sugar.Leave it overnight and enjoy it next day.

Banana coccoa milkshake: Add skimmed milk, a banana add chocolate syrup to a mixer. Churn and have it as an evening snack.

Strawberry chocolate toast: Toast a see slice of bread, spread a layer of chocolate peanut butter or thick chocolate syrup over it. Add on sliced strawberry or banana and sprinkle seed over it.

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