(Juhi Aishwary, Journalist):  The number of corona infections is increasing continuously throughout the world. Due to the lack of effective medicines, the number of patients is increasing continuously. India and Pakistan are also not spared from its havoc. These two countries are among the top 10 Corona affected in Asia. So far, 4542388 cases of coronavirus have been reported in the world. The highest numbers of cases are in America. The number of people affected there has reached 1457593. The US is not the only number one in terms of number of infected people, but also number one in the number of deaths from it. So far, 303651 patients have lost their lives due to this.

If we talk about different continents all over the world, there are about 744366 corona infected patients and 300371 active cases in Asia. So far 23715 patients have lost their lives here. In addition, 420280 patients have been cured. At the same time, 1730174 cases have been reported in Europe and 159224 patients have lost their lives. There have been 2579 deaths due to this in Africa while 77030 cases have been reported so far. 1603816 cases have been reported in North America while 97945 patients have died. At the same time, the number of people infected due to this has reached 377660 in South America and 20054 patients have lost their lives. There have been 8621 cases on the continent of Australia and 119 patients have died.

The ever-increasing numbers of Corona in Asia are a cause for concern. The reason for this is also because most countries of this continent fall under the category of developing countries. It has neither modern technology nor other facilities compared to developed countries. In many countries, the lack of basic ghost facilities is also clearly visible. According to a UN report, the number of Asian citizens is the highest among refugees worldwide.

In the top 10 countries of Corona affected Asia, Turkey is number one in this, where 144749 cases of Corona have been reported so far. Apart from this, Iran (114533 cases) at number two, China (82933 cases) at number three, India at number four (82103 cases), Saudi Arabia at number five (46869 cases), Pakistan at number six (37218 cases), at number seven. But Qatar (28272 cases), Singapore (26891 cases) at number eight, UAE (21084 cases) at number nine, and Bangladesh (20065 cases) at number ten.

Another special point appears in these figures. Three names in the list of top 10 Asian countries affected by Corona are from South Asian countries. This includes Pakistan and Bangladesh besides India. If you talk about Islamic countries in Asian countries, then Pakistan is number four in this while Pakistan is also number four in the list of Corona affected Islamic countries all over the world.

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