(Rishitha Jaladi, Intern Journalist) Rajasthan: As the Tiger count in India is decreasing over the years, the government is trying its best to protect them. There are several Projects like Project Tiger, to save the tigers from the verge of extinction. But unfortunately, a male tiger called MT-3 at the Mukundara Tiger reserve at Hadoti.

Tiger found dead.

A Tiger was found dead on Thursday at Mukundara Tiger hills, Rajasthan, Kota. This particular Panther was brought from Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. Officials after medical checking confirmed its death. This four-year-old tiger’s body is found near a water point. 

This tiger was found limping before a day it died. Hence, the wildlife authorities tranquilized that tiger but found that it’s already dead. Postmortem will be conducted by a medical board at Dara rest house. The reason for its death will be out after the autopsy is done.

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