(Riya Saha, Intern Journalist)It goes without saying that music has a positive impact on our brain. Music is also what we need after a rough day. It’s phenomenal powers impacts ourselves in more ways than one. We’ve different tastes in music. Some like jazz, some like pop. We have our specific music which calms our nerves down providing relief and succor. But have ever wondered what is the ideal music for stress relief?
Neuroscientists from the UK have recently discovered the music can beat the stress level by up to 65 percent.
According to the study, ‘Weightless’ by Marconi Union produced a greater state of relaxation over other tracks that were tested.
The other important way in which music impacts our brain is that it helps with pain management. Though it is not clear how music and pain are related it believes that dopamine may play some role in it.

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