The mosquito is one of the world’s most dangerous organisms. Actually the mosquito is such a creature, due to which millions of people die every year. Yes, every year more than 1 million humans die due to mosquito. The mosquito is not only dangerous for humans but also has a great memory. It is said that if a person tries to kill a mosquito, it does not come to him.

A report has revealed that the mosquito’s memory is very sharp and they remember an odor. If a person has a good smell, mosquitoes prefer the dear smell rather than the unpleasant smell and keep hovering around them. At the same time, research has revealed that ‘people who kill mosquitoes more or adopt a defensive attitude, then mosquitoes keep a distance from them. Even if their blood suits them
It has been written in many reports that if you try to kill the mosquito, the mosquito does not come back to you. That is, by listening to your clap, he understands that he is in danger here. At the same time, tell you that around 3 thousand 500 species of mosquitoes are found all over the world. But most of these breeds do not bother the Isans at all. These are mosquitoes that live only on the juices of fruits and plants.

Why do mosquitoes buzz?

Actually, the wings of mosquitoes are quite small. They have to flap fast enough to fly. In such a situation, there is this sound of buzzing. The frequency of the buzzing is so much that its vibrations are felt on the ears. Some scientists say that buzz is the nature of mosquitoes. They mix with people quite well through it. It is said that mosquitoes move their wings 500 times in a few seconds.

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