( Kajal Singh intern journalist):
New Delhi: Wanted Hizbul Mujahid commander Riyaz Naikoo was under the police custody of Jammu and Kashmir for the past 6 months. Police said that he could not be targeted even after coming very close.

He had kept many hideouts. The DGP of Jammu and Kashmir Police told that he used to take shelter from one village to another in his own area. Many times the police team had reached very close in search of him.

For the past 15 days, we kept a close watch on his activities, and day and night work was going on behind him. He told that 3 days before he was killed, a big sutra was handed over.

DGP of Jammu and Kashmir Police, Dilbag Singh said that the police found a person who was very close to him and these people used to provide him with daily useful things. Which also had food. There was also one of these who also gave shelter to Riyaz Naikoo.

Through this, we were convinced that on this day he is present in his village Begpura in Pulwama and he is our target.
DGP Dilbag Singh told that when the encounter took place on Wednesday, the area was surrounded from all sides. His partner was killed first in the firing.

After the companion was killed, he kept changing from one place to another. After this there was no way left, so he fired a few rounds. But the kind of retaliation that Riyaz Naikoo had built his image was not like that at all. Riyaz Naikoo could not prove himself a good fighter.

Riyaz Naikoo was 35 years of age and used a lot of technology. He had kept many hideouts in South Kashmir. He was a long-time commander in terrorist organizations and used to escape every time. But this time his luck did not support him.

DGP Dilbag Singh said that this time also when they encounter started on Tuesday and Riyaz Naiku was not found after the search operation, the security forces stopped the operation. But the police was present there because the team working on the ground was sure that they were present here. After this, the Security Agency was called again and was sure that he was present in this house.

The security forces had also prepared themselves for the fact that there may be a tunnel under this house. Riyaz Naik had targeted many civilians, migrant laborers, and policemen, his encounter is a big success.

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