(Riya Singh, Intern Journalist): The Bugatti brand has been synonymous with supercars all along. The one we are thinking about this time is the Bugatti Baby 2 that we saw at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show as a 3D printed model for the first time and will have a limited edition run. This has now entered the showrooms in Europe and Bugatti can only manufacture 500 Baby 2 units and 500 lucky teenagers already have one in their cart. Yes! It’s completely sold out.

In order to allow the Baby 2 to be powered by both adults and children, it has evolved from the original’s 50 percent scale to a Type 35 model of 75 percent. The technical team digitally scanned every single part of a 1924 Model 35 Lyon Grand Prix vehicle in the first step of its inception. Instead, it had a new electric powertrain of lithium-ion batteries and regenerative braking along with a few more redesigned components to suit the needs of consumers of the modern age.

For obvious reasons, the old oil and pressure meters are now being replaced with battery level, indicator, and power gauge. All vehicles must be fitted with a whistle, rearview mirror, handbrake, headlights, and remote control to stop the vehicle up to 50 meters. In the middle of the dashboard is a plaque that gives the special Baby 2 chassis number and shows the iconic ‘Macaron’ logo of Bugatti on the nose of the vehicle, made of 50 g solid silver, much like the one that Chiron gets.

The car will come with two types of interchangeable battery, a 1.4 kWh regular pack and a 2.8 kWh long-range variant. Although the exact range depends on driving style, it is estimated that the larger pack would offer a range of more than 30 km.

All Baby 2 owners will receive membership from The Little Car Club which produces Baby 2 and will be able to attend events where they, their children, and their grandchildren can drive their cars on the famous motor racing circuits.

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