(Pooja Dubey, Intern Journalist) The past few days have been very positive in terms of developing the coronavirus vaccine. Work is being done on more than 140 vaccine candidates worldwide, but it is a big thing to have more than 21 vaccines in the clinical trial process.

From the start of human trials of Covaxin, India’s first indigenous vaccine, to the success of the vaccine trials of Russia, China, and vaccine trials of Oxford University in Britain, scientists have made many breakthroughs in the past few days. The result of all these positive results is that the vaccine is expected to be ready soon.

The results of the Human Trial of the Oxford University Vaccine, released recently, say that both antibodies and T-cells are formed in the body of the volunteers. At the same time, the role of T-cells is being said to be important in terms of immunity towards Corona.

If antibodies are formed in the body, it is believed that immunity is being produced in the body against the virus. The presence of T-cells rather than antibodies as more important in terms of immunity. According to experts, if T-cells are active in the body, it guarantees immunity for a long time.

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