(Aatmja kumari, Intern Journalist)
There are different stages of our life. One of these stages is student life. Student life is the cornerstone of future life. If the foundation is strong, then any good building can be built on it. In the same way, if the student’s life has been spent in hard work, rules and he has studied diligently, then he definitely gets success. Therefore, student life is called “Golden Life”.

As we know that today’s student will be tomorrow’s future. The primary school of those qualities is the student’s life which is required to become a good person.


We go through many stages in our life like teenage, married life, working-age, and old age. But out of all these, the most important one still remains ‘student life’. All that one learns when in this phase stays with them throughout their life. Our future dreams, desires, and expectations rely mainly on this one phase. student life can be seen as a time of preparation. It’s time for training and learning. Because whatever we learn during student life, they will go ahead in life and help us.

In a student’s life, our mind is like clay, because the shape in which we design the soil becomes that way, and the shape that we give to that clay never changes. In the same way, our brain is also like soft clay, whatever we learn remains forever in our mind. Therefore, during student life,
we should learn those things which brighten our future. On the other hand, if we aren’t serious at this time, we can’t achieve our goals.
Students are the future leaders of a nation. The prosperity of a nation depends on its students.
We have a responsibility to acquire proper education, maintain good character, and live a respectable social life. Obedience, diligence, regularity and forbearance are the important parts of student life.

We must learn perseverance, it is the root of all success. If we are idle and cannot move on according to time, we can achieve nothing.
The most important thing is that students should know the importance of time, Because if they remain aware of the time from student life, then they will do any work in a certain time frame.
We can say that student life is the best part of an individual’s life. At this time our main task is to study. We should stop thinking of anything else and concentrate on education. Education must be given the top priority.
Many children do not take student life seriously and leave it to enjoy so that they are not able to succeed in life.
Therefore, the student should be careful during that period. We must think seriously before every step we take. We must learn new things as much as possible at this period.

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