(Anjali Shreya, Intern Journalist): Student life is considered to be the most important period of our life. The dreams, desires and hopes of our futures depend on it. Student life is a life of cultivation and penance. This is the time to keep yourself away from distractions. For students, this period is a golden opportunity to provide a solid foundation for their future life. This is character – building time and also this is an important time to strengthen your knowledge.
The most important factor affecting student we must do everything on time as it never waits for anyone.
At this time, we are like newly – introduced bud of society. If there is a deficiency in these buds due to any reason, then the buds fade away, as well as the shade of the garden is finished. If a student becomes a victim of indiscipline and becomes impure conduct, then this society becomes blind on someday. A student should have good discipline and should be co-operative with everyone. Social life influences our character in many ways.
Students are the future leaders of a nation, they are the main pillar of the country. The prosperity of the nation depends on its students. They have the responsibility to get proper education, maintain good character and live a respectable social life.
What is important in a student’s life is the ‘Time and Stress’ management that will work wonders. Keeping an open mind and being open to grab opportunities. We will get the most opportunities in our student life.

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