When people exercise, their focus is mostly on the upper body and thighs are often ignored. But if you want to strengthen your thighs as well as give them a better shape, then you do not have to worry much. We are telling you about the exercises with which you will be able to achieve your goal in a few weeks.

  1. plyometric jump
    This exercise strengthens all the muscles of the leg as well as the thighs and burns a lot of calories in one go. If you have a bad knee, include it in your routine from today. To do this, stand upright on the ground and keep your hands straight. Jump while bending the knees to 90 degrees. Then jump up and land slowly again in the squat position. Apply full force to your feet to jump upwards again. Keep in mind that you have to be very comfortable while coming down. This makes both your legs and thighs stronger.
  2. Side Shuffle Switch
    This exercise increases the heart rate and works to strengthen the thigh muscles. You do not need to do much hard work or anything to do this. You can easily do this in a small open space. To do this you have to stand upright on your feet first and place both hands in the running position. After this, slowly lift one leg up and come to the running position, making sure that you do not have to run. When you lower one leg, your other leg should be up immediately, after starting it slowly, you can increase your speed, the faster you do it, the more benefits you will be. This will strengthen your thyroid muscles as well as increase your stamina and keep your heart healthy. By doing this regularly, you will see a difference in your thighs in a few days.

3. Side Lounge Sweep

This exercise is also called lateral lunge. It proves to be very helpful in strengthening your outer and inner thighs. It works more on the inner thighs as well as creating balance in the core area. To do this you have to stand upright on the ground and place both hands on the hips.

Get into the lunge position with your left leg extended. In which your knee is bent and the hips are backward. Push the left heel and then stand up, cross the left foot in front of your body without touching the ground. Try to shrink the thighs while crossing. Move the foot again swinging to the left and repeat. Do 15 repetitions of this with the left and then 15 with the right leg.

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