(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): Sonu Sood is in the news these days due to efforts to bring migrant laborers from Mumbai to their homes. They are transporting about one thousand migrants daily to their state, he told about his inspiration to do this work.

Sonu said, ‘It is around May 15. I was distributing fruit and food packets to the migrants in Thane. He told that they are going to Karnataka and Bihar on foot. I was shocked to hear how these people would go on foot along with children and old men. I told him that you should stay for two days. I arrange to send. Could not go then of course. ”This is how film actor and producer Sonu Sood started the process of sending migrants home.

Sonu working 20 hours a day

In two days, Sonu took permission from the Karnataka, Bihar, and Maharashtra police and sent 350 people to Uttar Pradesh for the first time. Sonu says, “I kept working and the caravan Crew…. Previously it worked for 10 hours. Doing 20 hours now. The phone starts ringing at 6 am. My entire staff, friend Niti Goyal is also supporting. Try not to leave anyone out. ”Sonu keeps an eye on his Twitter account. Sonu says, “They are sending 1000 to 1200 people every day to Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Telangana, Karnataka.”

‘I want to make some children’s memories good’

Why did you return home in the name of help? On this question, he told that when he saw these people walking with children, they felt that these children would grow up with bad memories that our father was beaten by the police on the streets, the elders of our house died on the way. I want to make at least some children’s memories good. I came to Mumbai from Moga when I did not even have a reservation. There was no money. I thought that these people are going home in a worse situation than me.

The family used to say – Understanding the help of the poor is a success

Sonu hails from Moga district in Punjab. Has been an engineer by profession. Mother Saroj was a professor. She used to teach poor children from morning till evening. Father Shaktisagar had big clothes showroom, which is run by Sonu staff today. They say that there was so much passion in our house to help others that parents used to say that to help the poor is to be successful.

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