(Pooja Pal; Intern Journalist): Bhopal: The Shivraj government will conduct a survey to provide work to lakhs of migrant laborers who have returned to the state due to the lockdown and to give them the benefit of various schemes. Through this, it will be ascertained from the place where the laborers returned, what work they used to do there. 

 If they were involved in the construction sector, their planning strategy would be made. Other workers will be benefited by registering under Mukhyamantri Jan Kalyan Yojana ‘Sambal’. For this, the labor department will start the survey from 24 or 25 May. The Labor Department estimates that about 20 lakh migrant laborers have returned after the lockdown.

  It is likely to take a few months for the situation to return to normal. In such a situation, it is the priority of the government to provide for the livelihood of these workers. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has instructed the officials to provide skilled laborers who came back home according to their capacity. 

 The industries of the state also need workers. For this purpose, the Labor Department has decided to survey migrant laborers. In this, laborers who are native to the state will be identified and registered. A strategy will be prepared by preparing the database, who can get employment where and how. 

Principal Secretary of Labor Department, Dr. Rajesh Rajaura alleged that the workers who have returned will be ascertained what work they were supposed to do from where they have departed. If he is proven to be associated with the construction sector, then his registration would be done in Madhya Pradesh Bhawan and other construction workers welfare board.    

Currently, 8 lakh 96 thousand unorganized sector workers are registered in the division. Out of these, 8 lakh 85 thousand laborers have been assisted Rs two thousand each by the government to meet the daily needs in the lockdown period. The registration of such workers who used to work in other areas will be provided under the Chief Minister’s Public Welfare Scheme ‘Sambal’.

  Along with this, laborers running various types of machines will be employed in industrial areas.

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