(Kajal Singh intern journalist): A video of BJP leader Chandraprakash Kathuria remains the subject of discussion on social media. After this video went viral, the BJP suspended him from the party for six years.

New Delhi: A video of Haryana BJP leader Chandraprakash Kathuria is viral on social media. It is being claimed that BJP leaders who went to meet their girlfriends suddenly jumped from her flat. The story of the viral video and its truth are both quite interesting.

Viral video claims – BJP leaders went to meet girlfriends Blue jeans, black t-shirt, and a sore neck. It is claimed that this person is BJP leader Chandraprakash Kathuria. His video is very much discussed on social media. With the help of a person standing nearby, the person tries to get up but cannot get up.

In the viral video, it is being claimed that BJP leader Chandraprakash Kathuria went to his flat to meet his girlfriend. Chandraprakash Kathuria jumped from the second floor when someone arrived.

Who is the person seen in the viral video
In the investigation, In which BJP leader Chandraprakash Kathuria was lying on the ground. The lower part of his leg was tied with a white cloth. Our team also received a press note from the Bharatiya Janata Party in the investigation. In which it was written, “Mr. Chandra Prakash Kathuria, the special invitee member of State Working Committee of BJP Haryana and former chairman of Haryana Sugarfed in the Government of Haryana is suspended for 6 years by the State President Mr. Subhash Barala Ji.”
The injured person seen in the video in the investigation is BJP leader Chandraprakash Kathuria. This claim is true. But the investigation of allegations against them is going on, so they cannot be decided yet.

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