Lucknow: Girls in the capital were not only safe but also at home. Two such cases were reported in the capital on Friday. In which Shohade entered the house and started molesting the woman.

On being threatened by the police, he got beaten up and harassed the woman by changing the number. In the second case, a drunk man has been accused of molesting and abusing a girl.

This is the case

A girl resident of Khadra was alone at home on Wednesday evening. Meanwhile, a young man entered the house. The woman was beaten up for saying that she was protesting and complaining to the police.

According to the woman, after hearing the scream, the young man ran away threatening her. Since then, calling different numbers on mobile, threatening obscene things and killing them. According to the police station, the accused is being traced on the basis of the mobile number.

Drunken father committing indecency, threatening to implicate daughter

A resident of Pir Bukhara resident of Hussainabad enters the house of a woman, who is abusing the neighbor and committing profanity and obscenity. Her daughter is threatening to implicate the whole family over the protest.

The victim has filed a case against Dilip Kashyap and his daughter at the police station. According to the victim, instead of convincing the drunken father, his daughter also abused and threatened to do something. According to the police, there is a dispute over the protest against drug addiction. Legal action is being taken against the accused by filing a case.

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