Rishika Iyer (Intern Journalist): On the 21st of June, Spain resumed normalcy and ended lock down as per day cases were 100-150 people. Ever since they lifted the lockdown, restaurants, nightlife and public gathering has resumed. this caused a huge rise in the number of cases today.

 The popular festival San Fermin, which is bull running, where bulls are left to run behind people. This festival celebrated in the region of Pamplona; witnessed huge gatherings in spite of the cancellation of all city festivals. Around 400 people walked the streets of Tarfalla, a small town near Pamplona last Friday. The nightlife in Spain almost resumed to normal were over 500 people visited a single bar. This proved to be a major problem and therefore the government issued an order to shut down all-night bars and restaurants to shut down by 1:00 am. 

Spain has the highest number of Covid cases in Western Europe, recording a total of 404,200 cases and 28,000 deaths until now. There has been a surge in the number of cases recorded on a daily basis from 100-200 cases to 1400 cases recorded in the past week. 

Due to this, the government has banned alcohol-based outdoor gatherings and issued an order to wear face masks compulsorily.

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