(Kajal Singh intern journalist): SBI has issued an alert to its customers to avoid a new type of fraud and has told the customers how they can avoid it.
New Delhi: The country’s largest state-owned bank SBI has once again issued a warning to its customers to warn them against online fraud. SBI has been constantly alerting customers to avoid fraud for some time. Through its Twitter and other channels, the bank has warned customers that fraud is being done in a new way and customers have also been told to avoid it.
What is SBI’s message – alert given on Twitter
SBI has written on Twitter that do you know about online fraud scammers? These scammers loot all the money from their bank account by taking their personal information from the customer through a call and that too only through the app. But you do not have to be afraid or nervous. Just need to be cautious.

Under this, bank officials call the fraudster customers and tell the customers that the wallet or bank KYC is invalid and an app has to be downloaded to fix it. As soon as the customer downloads the app, the fraudsters get remote access to the customer’s mobile screen. With this, the fraudsters sit away and look at the screen of the customer’s phone. Seeing the details on the phone, they empty the bank account and defraud the customers.

What should customers do?
SBI has also told the customers to avoid this, under which it has been said that customers should not give their personal information through any call, email, SMS, or web link. It is better to search on SBI’s customer care number on Google’s official website. Only authorized, certified apps of the bank should be installed which do not have other apps apart from YONO SBI, YONO Lite, and BHIM SBI PAY.

It is clear that SBI is constantly alerting the customers to avoid increasing fraud and is giving all the information so that the customers can avoid fraud. You too should check out these tips and if you are an SBI customer then be completely alert.

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