(Manisha Mahar, Intern Journalist), Kanpur; 28 days ago, pathology worker Sanjit Yadav was called by friends on the pretext of a birthday party and then kidnapped, after that throwing the body into the Pandu River. After the whereabouts of the dead body, a sum of thirty lakhs ransom was demanded from the family members of Sanjit. On Friday morning, IG and SSP arrested a woman consisting of five friends. The incident was exposed by bringing it to the media. The police gave complete details based on the questioning of the accused.

Friends worked together in pathology

In a press conference on Friday morning in the police line, SSP Dinesh Kumar P exposed the Sanjit kidnapping case. He said that the police have arrested Ishu(Gyanendra Yadav)resident Daboli West, Kuldeep Goswami resident Saraimita Kachchi Basti, Neelu Singh resident Gajja Purva, Ramji Shukla resident Ambedkaranagar Gujaini and Preeti Sharma resident Kaushalpuri involved in the kidnapping and murder of Sanjeet.

Gyanendra and Kuldeep long ago worked with Sanjit in pathology and became his friends. On 22 July, Kuldeep made four calls to Sanjit Yadav’s mobile. The last time was at 7.47 pm and Sanjeet was called to Dhanwantri Hospital on the pretext of Gyanendra’s birthday party. Sanjeet got alone from his bike from Naubasta bypass and was found all four near Nahariya, about 500 meters away.

Kept in rented room

Near Nahria, Sanjay took a ride on Gyanendra Yadav’s Ford Figo car. Neelu walked away with Sanjit’s motorcycle. After taking liquor and beer on the way, he reached the city of Tatyatoppe and bought eggs and chips. After this, everyone sat in the car and drank. Under the plan, Sanjit was given a sedation drug in alcohol, causing him to faint in the car itself. From here, the four took him to a rented room in Ratanlal Nagar. Here, he was held captive by injecting intoxicants. Under the plan, the hijackers arrested Sanjeet.

According to the SSP, on the night of 26 June, Sanjit tried to run away, on which they all strangled him to death. In the morning, his body was filled in a plastic sack, taken by car to the Pandu river bridge, and thrown into the river. During interrogation, it was revealed that after locating the body, the four approached Sanjeet’s family members for ransom on June 29 and demanded Rs 30 lakh.

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