Lucknow:Rashtriya Masihi Mitr Manch Observing National Executive Rashtriya Karykarini Meeting and Celebration of Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan Festival,

The National Executive kakariki meeting of the Rashtriya Mishri Mitra Manch was held at the Life Center Church Campus, Vikasnagar in which the patron of the Rashtriya Masihi Mitr Manch Shri Indresh Kumar, member national council, swayam sevak Sangh, Sri Suman Kumar, RSS pracharak, national convenor educationist and social worker

Dr. Roma Smart Joseph, the forum’s coordinator Mr. Rajeev Joseph, Dr. Brijita, director St. Mary Poly Clinic, and Dr. Alok Srivastava, Sri Hemant Dayal, National General Secretary(Youth)–Pradhan Mantri Jan Kalyankari Yojna Prachar Prasar Abhiyan, Dr. Bholanath, EHS expert and regional convenor of Swadeshi Jagran, were present along with the more than 350 members of the

Rashtriya Mishri Mitra Manch from all over the country. The program started with offering a salute to the National Flag, followed the National Anthem, Lord’s Vandana, lighting the lamp, and Desh Bhakti songs. On this occasion pastor Ebez Yesudas from Gujrat, Katch enthralled the audience with his short exhortation and Dr. Roma Smart Joseph, National Coordinator of the form formally extended the warm welcome address to the guests with her outstanding talk.

Celebrating the Independence Day, the children of Blue Heaven, Children’s Home drenched the atmosphere with their patriotism by performing on songs like ‘A Mere Watan Ke Logon’, and ‘Desh Mera Rangeela’,

The church choir under the able guidance of paster Sunil Massey sang beautiful Christian and patriotic songs filling the atmosphere with cheerfulness, ebullience, energy, and melody.

The students of St. Mary’s Poly Clinic also expressed their devotion to the nation by presenting vibrant patriotic songs and conveyed the message of dedication, love, and duty to the people, people o of all religions tied the threads on one- another’s wrist promising and strengthening oneness, love, unity, and equality.

Honorable Indreshji, the patron of the forum, said that it is a very beautiful coincidence that after 72 years, Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan were celebrated together; he said that on this Independence Day we have” Owo Vidhan – Owo Pradhan – One Nishan. and all the efforts of separatism, terrorism, violence has come to an end with the revoking of IPC 370 and 25A resulting in complete integration of Kashmir.

Talking about the Rashtriya Masihi Mitr Manch, he said that the platform flows an unending stream of love, unity, and peace in the society, and works in the interest of society and nation, in keeping with the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.

While addressing the National Executive karamchari meeting of the Rashtriya Mishra Mitra Manch, the National Convenor Dr. Roma Smart Joseph spoke about the objectives of the forum and said that, working on the teachings of love, peace, and hope of the Lord Jesus Christ promotes love, peace, harmony and unity in the country as well as in the whole world, which is the foremost requirement to proclaim love and brotherhood in the present fragmented world on the basis of religion, caste and creed.

She said, that the forum motivates all the people of the country towards realizing their duties, dedication to the country and motivates them to contribute towards nation-building.

Reflecting on the objectives of the forum she further said that, the platform is committed to treating all religions, caste, creed, and communities with equality preserving unity in the diversity found in the country, practicing the teachings of the mercy, compassion, and service of the Lord Jesus Christ. Dr. Joseph said that the forum is working with all dedication and commitment to implement the spirit of service to mankind, by preaching, healing, and teaching.

Dr. Roma Smart Joseph, an educationist and a renowned social worker, while focusing on the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, said, “It is necessary that we practice morality, unity, love, and brotherhood to make a new India which is only possible when we have goodwill in our mind, patriotism in our hearts and hard work in our hands.

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