Lucknow: Governor Ram Naik, who had ended his tenure in Uttar Pradesh, said on Sunday that he would join the swearing-in ceremony of the new Governor of the state, Anandi Bai Patel on Monday, breaking a tradition. The Governor said in his address on the occasion of ‘Ground Breaking Ceremonial II’ held here that in the year 2018 when the Investors Summit was held, I was ‘the whole Governor’. Right now, I got the bonus of the governor’s post.
He said, “My five-year term as governor ended on July 22. The provision of the Constitution is that till the second governor takes the oath, the first thing remains. Anandibai Patel will take oath as the new governor. I got a seven-day bonus. I am happy that I have seen this program. I thank Anandi Bai Patel. “

Naik said, “There was a conspiracy here, that when the new governor comes, before that former governor, who was about to leave, would leave Lucknow and leave. We see that newly appointed President goes to Rashtrapati Bhavan before his oath-taking program, and he and the outgoing President sit together in a car and go to the Parliament and sit on a platform. “

He said that when the newly-appointed President stands to take the oath, the incumbent President will sit on his chair and after taking the oath, the new President will sit on the chair of the first one. Then both of them go to Rashtrapati Bhavan together. Later, the new President goes to the former president to leave his car to his house. I will be at the swearing ceremony tomorrow. The governor said, “I am going happy and going. In five years Uttar Pradesh has been on the path to becoming the best state. I will also see that Uttar Pradesh will become a trillion-dollar economy. “

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