The Income Tax Department raided the shop and house of Gyan Rastogi, a gold and silver businessman, in Sarafa Bazar of Chowk in Lucknow on Wednesday.

In the late evening, the income tax team received 40 crores of gold worth about 16 crores and 4500 kilograms of silver of about 21 crores with cash of two crores, which the business could not calculate.

Gyan Rastogi has a shop in the name of Siddhnath Jewelers in Chowk Sarafa Bazar. He is a wholesaler of gold and silver. The survey was started by the Income Tax Department on Rastogi’s bases on Tuesday evening. The survey turned into a raid on Wednesday evening after it was reported that there was more gold and silver in the investigation.

Entry was not in the stock register

According to the officials of the Income Tax Department, when matching started after finding unaccounted gold and silver, the matter looked suspicious. When the team summoned the stock register from the business, there was a big difference. 40 kg gold and 4500 kg silver entries were not found in stock.

The clue was found two days ago on

Monday afternoon, the police of Krishnanagar police station arrested two youths. 43.28 lakh cash and 26.48 lakh gold was recovered from them. Both took the name of Gyan Rastogi during interrogation. The police informed the Income Tax Department. After this, the survey was conducted and the Income Tax Investigation Team reached raid on Wednesday.

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