The former Congress president said, “Narendra  Modi Ji should consider direct revenue collection, 200 days of operation under MNREGA, money for farmers because they are the future of India.”

On Saturday, a day after former Congress president Rahul Gandhi dug up at NITI Aayog for his pre-conviction that there would be no Covid-19 cases after May 16, he again clashed with the central government on Saturday. The Prime Minister’s announcement of a fiscal stimulus package over the past three days has been only a “debt package”, which will not provide immediate relief to many migrant laborers and severely affected farmers. By corona virus-induced lockdown.

“Our people need money. This package should be reviewed by Prime Reunions. Modiji should think about direct money transfer, 200 working days under MNREGA, money for farmers because they are the future of India, ”Gandhi said. In the last general election, the party has once again proposed a direct money laundering scheme like the NYA. Year. He said only a scheme such as the Nuntam Eni Yojana, or the NYA, which provides annual income assistance of Rs 72,000 to the poor, will help the poor in this crisis.

On Friday, Gandhi posted a graph released by NITI Aayog to make it clear that the number of COVID-19 cases is showing a spike and that the lockdown will end the epidemic.

Gandhi says the lockdown is just a “pause button” to reduce the rate of infections, and the epidemic must be embedded in a two-pronged strategy, including increased testing, restoring the nation’s public health care, and increasing government spending in the social and economic sphere.

Expressing concern over the government’s apparent lack of preparedness, the Congress leader said on Saturday: “This (economic package) is not a bad step, but the most important thing right now is that we put money in direct hands. Our poor people. “As many experts have already pointed out, package demand is sufficient to increase demand, and if the government does not guarantee this, India will be severely hit by the pandemic’s economic collapse”, Gandhi said.

If the government does not step in, it’s even worse

Addressing the regional media through video conferencing this morning, Gandhi said it was “heartbreaking” to see people “walking on highways without food and water” and MSMEs hitting the peak due to the lockdown.

“When a child is injured or injured, the mother or father does not give him a bank loan. They don’t give him credit. A mother is ready to provide any food or water to her child and that is the spirit that the Government of India should apply, ”he said of the financial package but stressed that the government’s primary” duty “is to protect the most vulnerable.

“The Indian government should not worry about what foreigners are saying or what others say. The Indian government should have faith in our small and medium-sized businesses. We have to rely on our people, our farmers, and our people,” he said. Shadow over disease”.

When the lockdown was lifted, the Wayanad MP said that the government should not treat it as an “incident” but rather that it should be treated as a “process” that needs to be handled intelligently and sensitively.

More transparency is required

Later in the day, Gandhi also issued a statement highlighting the need for the government to work more transparently.

“Although the Prime Minister has announced a delayed stimulus package on May 12, 2020, the specific details and format of the package and its true extent are not yet clear and opaque to the public.”

Farmers, like migrant workers, face an unprecedented crisis, he said “Unprecedented rains and hail have destroyed their crops in many parts of India. , And to return to our farmers, Strict measures taken for their relief’’. He said that MSMEs, which create more than 11 crore jobs, are now lending easily, and if they are available, they could get into a vicious cycle of debt.

He later released a set of recommendations which he said were prepared through the consultation process within his party. Income assistance for the poor, 200-day MGNREGA work, healthy food assistance for 11 crore people outside the Public Distribution Scheme (PDS), and financial assistance and subsidies for farmers, MSMEs, and small traders. He said the credit guarantee scheme should be introduced with interest subsidy for MSMEs, traders, and big industries. As a relief to small shoppers, he urged the retail supply chain to be restored immediately, except for those located in hotspots.

Migrant workers should be treated with dignity and respect, as he said, and the government is duty-bound to ensure that they do not return safely to their homes.

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