( Kajal Singh intern journalist): In Kasganj, the case of beating of Lekhpal by the police is catching on. Now the District Lekhpal Sangh has jumped on this matter and is threatening the boycott of duty.
Kasganj The incident of abusive, indecency, and assault by a police inspector posted in the hot spot area in Kasganj district along with Lekhpal, who is on duty for COVID 19 and other Lekhpal, has caught fire. All the accountants of Kasganj tehsil have gathered under the banner of Uttar Pradesh Lekhpal Union and have given a Tahrir to Deputy District Officer Kasganj, demanding FIR against the accused police inspector and taking strict action in relevant sections. He has said that if the stringent action is not taken against the accused inspector by registering an FIR, then all the accountants of Kasganj tehsil will boycott duty in the prevention of global disaster coronavirus.
The cases of the beating of Lekhpal by Police Inspector Ramaraj Yadav posted in Kotwali this morning in Kasganj have increased considerably. Lekhpal of Kasganj Tehsil has mobilized regarding this incident. He demanded action against the accused police inspector. This is the threat of boycott.
Lekhpal Praveen has accused Police Inspector Ramaraj of abusing and assaulting him even after showing hot spot pass and Lekhpal’s identity card to Inspector Ramaraj posted at Hot Spot Area Bilram Gate. The other Lekhpal Jagdish, who is returning from COVID 19 duty in Kasganj itself, is also accused of abusing and abusing the inspector after showing hot spots and Lekhpal’s pass.
The victim Lekhpal Pravin and Kasganj Tehsil President of Uttar Pradesh Lekhpal Union Narendra Pal Singh and Tehsil Secretary Rakesh Kumar have also jointly written in writing to the Deputy District Officer Kasganj to register FIR against the accused Sub Inspector Ramraj for the relevant sections. The Lekhpal Sangh has warned that if action is not taken against the said inspector, then all the Lekhpal of Tehsil Kasganj will be unable to do duty in the prevention of this divine disaster, coronavirus. On the other hand, the police are trying to suppress this incident.

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