(Deepshikha Gautam, Intern Journalist) Kanpur: At the Mandalayukt Camp office, a late-night review of coronavirus rescue meeting, it was reported that the surveillance team was not recording the correct data of the corona patients. ED health said that the data provided in the investigation was not found to be accurate. The Mandalayukt objected to this and ordered the surveillance in-charge to fix the system.

During this, the commissioner Dr. Sudhir Mahadev Bobde ordered that the private hospitals have made available the information of serious patients admitted to the Flu corner to the CMO. They should be provided free antigen kits for testing. With this, immediate investigation of serious patients can be prevented from infection. The Mandalayukt ordered Dr. Subodh, the in-charge of surveillance, to inspect the Kashiram Trauma Center and correct the data feeding. Instructed for early investigation of the people of corona patient’s closed contacts.

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