(Juhi Aishwary, Intern Journalist):  Kerala Forest Minister K Raju has appointed three teams to investigate the murder of a pregnant elephant in Palakkad. Police are also investigating the case. He said that strict action will be taken in this matter so that such an incident never happens again. This led to the arrest of an accused in the case of the death of the first pregnant Hathini.

Giving information about this, Kerala Forest Minister K Raju has said that an accused has been arrested in the case of the death of a pregnant Hathini in Palakkad, Kerala. Earlier, three suspects were questioned on Thursday in the case of pregnant Hathini’s death.

What is the whole matter?

This incident shook the country. A pregnant elephant in Kerala’s Silent Valley National Park was fed a pineapple filled with firecrackers by some. Hathini’s jaw was severely damaged by the explosion in it while chewing pineapple. A week later, on May 27, Hathini was killed in the Velliyar River in Malappuram.

A post-mortem report that followed revealed that Hathini was pregnant. The anger spread among the people as soon as the matter came to light. Not only in Kerala, had the convicts from every corner of the country voiced severe punishment. The Kerala government has constituted a special investigation team of the forest department to investigate.  

After the matter came to light, Kerala Forest Department tweeted that a case has been registered in the case of Hathini’s death under the sections of the Wildlife Protection Act. Several suspects are being questioned.

Chief Minister said- convicts will be punished in every situation

Amidst the condemnation of the incident and the anger of the people across the country, Kerala Chief Minister P Vijayan had said on Wednesday that the wildlife crime investigation team from Kozhikode has been given the responsibility to investigate the matter. He has assured that the culprits will be punished in any case.

Death due to drowning!

However, according to the primary report of Hathini’s postmortem, in this case, Hathini’s lungs stopped working due to the sinking of the river and more water going into the body. The post-mortem report also confirmed that his jaw was damaged due to a blast in the mouth. She was unable to eat or drink anything due to unbearable pain. After extreme weakness, Hathini went into the river and died due to drowning there.

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