Suparna Ghosh (Intern Journalist) Kolkata: Arnab Basu, a 65-year-old, the director of Switz Food Pvt. Ltd, also the owner of the well-liked confectionery shop Mio Amore as well as Winkies died battling cancer on Thursday. He took his last breath in the City Hospital.
In his last interview, he discussed at length about the journey of his euphoric success of the confectionery, Mio Amore in Bengal. Replacing the very old and famous Monginis store was a challenging thing to do even when it had got quite a remarkable brand value, but later on, Mr. Basu set up his own brand and henceforth came up with Mio Amore.

Mio Amore
Mio Amore

The store has got over 300 branches, here in West Bengal as well as in Odhisa
It was heard that the company is contemplating the launch of fruit-based non-aerated drinks and is of the idea to enter into a partnership with Guwahati based company for the same.

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