(Aditya Shaw, Intern Journalist): Researchers at London King’s College have conducted research to understand whether Corona patients will need ventilators. Researchers studied the corona victims by grouping them into 6 groups according to their symptoms. Researchers explained their symptoms of how many ventilators would they need.

Researchers say that if you understand this on the basis of symptoms, then the patient’s condition can be prevented from becoming fragile. This research was done on 1653 patients of Corona.

6 groups of symptoms of Covid-19 and accurate estimates

Group 1: Patients in this group showed symptoms associated with the upper respiratory tract. Such as persistent cough and body pain. Only 1.5% of the patients in this group needed ventilator support. 16% of the patients had one or more visits to the hospital. Out of 1653 included in the study, the highest 462 patients were included in this group.

Group 2: This group of patients also had upper respiratory tract ie upper respiratory tract pain but had a fever and also not a normal diet. 4.4% of such patients required ventilator support and 17.5% had to go to the hospital.
Group 3: Patients in this group were seen with gastrointestinal diseases like diarrhea, among other symptoms. 3.7% of such patients needed ventilator support and 24% had to go to hospital treatment at least once.
Group 4: Excessive fatigue, persistent chest pain, and cough were seen in the patients. 8.6% of the patients needed a ventilator while 23.6% had to go to the hospital one or more times.
Group 5: This group had symptoms such as nervousness, excessive tiredness, and lack of desire to eat food. 9.9% of the patients in this group required ventilator support. 24.6% of the patients had to go to the hospital.
Group 6: Symptoms such as breathlessness, difficulty in breathing, chest pain, tiredness, and stomach disease were seen in the patients of this group. About 20% of the patients in this group needed to receive artificial breathing support while 45.5% had to go for hospital treatment. However, this group had the lowest number of 167 people.
The first two groups showed very mild symptoms
Researchers conducted a similar study on other 1047 Covid-19 patients, and similar groups were formed. Similar results were also found this time. In the second study, researchers also noticed symptoms of headache and aroma-relapse in all groups. Those who had a mild infection of corona had complained of loss of taste and aroma for a long time.

79% accurate result
Researcher Professor Tim Spektre said that if the symptoms and age observed in the first five days are monitored, it can be told whether the patient will need a ventilator or not. The researcher claims that 79 percent of the results were found to be accurate during the research.

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