(Sandhya Jha, Intern Journalist): China’s parliament approved the implementation of the controversial national security law in Hong Kong. With its approval, Hong Kong can be stripped of its status as a semi-autonomous region. The draft legislation was passed in China’s parliament on Thursday. However, it could not be passed due to the people’s opposition. Hong Kong’s parliament was ignored by the Chinese government in bringing this new law.

Ever since the Chinese government announced the introduction of new security law, it was being opposed. On Sunday, despite the restrictions related to Corona, there was a protest against this law in Vivara Hong Kong. Thereafter 360 protesters were detained. Police had to fire tear gas to remove people.

What is China’s new security law?

China’s new security law will have provisions to prevent activities such as treason, terrorism, foreign interference, and protest in Hong Kong. Under this, Chinese security agencies will be able to work in Hong Kong. China’s security agencies cannot function in Hong Kong at the moment. On Thursday, China announced the making of this law. People have been against it since then. Many human rights organizations and international governments have also opposed this law.

America will withdraw special trade status from Hong Kong

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Hong Kong will no longer get the special status of the business as before. Earlier it had the benefit of warrant special treatment under the British Rule of American Law (before July 1997). But now this will not happen. After China’s control of Hong Kong, it will no longer be the main financial center. However, he said that the US hoped that Hong Kong would act independently and set an example for China. However, it is now clear that China is adapting to Hong Kong on its model.

China has always had the authority to make laws

The people of Hong Kong believe that national security is the basis of the country’s stability. Tampering in it would violate their fundamental rights. China always had the authority to implement the National Security Act in Hong Kong’s original law but has so far avoided doing so. Elections are scheduled in Hong Kong in September. Just like last year, the supporters of democracy got success, if the district elections were also successful, then the government may have trouble in bringing the bill.

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