(Namita Pradhan, Intern Journalist) Ducati has launched its Panigale V2 ‘White Rosso’. The V2 has made its International debut at World Ducati premier, replacing the 959 panigale as the entry level super sport in the Indian bike maker’s line up.


The white Rosso is available with red finish on both side. It’s bodywork has a pearl white color. The wheels has a finishing touch of red as well.

It inspires from the Panigale V4 inspired design, with single side swingarm. It has a 955cc superquardo engine which was also seen in 959 Panigale. The motor is the Euro 5 (BS6) compilant. It produces 5hp than the unit in 959, which rise the power to 155hp at 10,750rpm, torque produced is 104Nm at 9000rpm.

It has not been decided when it will launch in India. It was expected Ducati to price the Panigale V2 with a little higher price than the 959 Panigale, whose price was Rs 15,30 lakh.

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