(Manisha Mahar, Intern Journalist); The case of fake licenses involving Pakistani pilots has also been revealed in Malaysia. Several Pakistani pilots have been suspended after the case surfaced.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) said in a statement on Thursday that the decision has been taken after evaluating the documents of all foreign pilots. The pilots who have been dealt with are employed in flying schools, clubs, and training organizations. CAAM reported that the number of Pakistani pilots in Malaysia is less than 20. While the national airline Malaysia Airlines said that it does not have any Pakistani pilots.

Last week, Pakistan had stopped about one-third of the pilots of the country from coming to work due to suspicious license. A total of 860 pilots are employed in Pakistan. 107 of them work for foreign airlines. Many countries have expressed concern over the issue of fraud license. Due to this concern, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency has banned Pakistan International Airlines flights to Europe for six months.

European Union also banned

At the same time, before this, the European Union (EU) has banned Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flights for six months due to security reasons. After this, Pakistan has announced to stop the service of PIA for European countries.


The decision was taken by the European Union Air Safety Agency after declaring 262 Pakistani pilots as fake, whose license was declared ‘suspicious’ by the country’s aviation minister. The PIA can appeal against this. Airlines said EASA is trying to address their concerns. Steps such as appealing against the verdict can also be taken.

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