Poonch: In the Poonch sector, the firing on the border is quiet since this morning after the Indian Army gave a befitting reply to the Pak Army on Friday. Last night, Indian jawans gave a befitting reply to the ceasefire violations of Pak soldiers and killed four of them while destroying more than five posts.

After this action, the Pakistan Army had not fired a single shot from across the border since last night. For the last several days, the Pakistan Army has been shelling in the Indian Territory every day, which is being responded to by the Indian Army. The Pak Army opened fire in the Poonch sector on Friday morning and at the same time, the Indian Army started its retaliation. In this retaliation, four soldiers were killed by the Pak Army and more than five posts were destroyed. After this, the Pak Army is not being fired by the Pak Army on the border.

Local people say that this has been done before whenever the Indian Army retaliates and after that peace remains on the border for some time. Then suddenly the Pak army starts heavy shelling which causes a lot of loss to the people living in the border areas. If the Pak army stops shelling, then we will be able to do our work without any fear, yet we have not harvested wheat crops. As soon as we go to the field to harvest the wheat crop, the Pakistan Army starts firing at the same time.

In the time of the Corona crisis, Pakistan is not deterring its nefarious antics. The Pakistan Army opened heavy fire in the forward posts and residential areas of the Indian Army along the Line of Control from Friday morning to late evening in the Poonch sector. Responding to this firing, the Indian Army killed four Pak soldiers. Apart from this, four posts of Pakistan have been destroyed in retaliation by the Indian Army. The situation on the LoC remains tense due to new developments.

Explain that the firing continued from morning to late evening on behalf of the Pak Army. Pak army suddenly started firing in Poonch sector at eight in the morning. Initially the shelling was low, but later intensified. As usual, Pakistan targeted the forward posts of the Indian Army and thereafter started firing mortars on the residential areas. There was chaos in the villages. At the same time, the Indian Army personnel also took action and killed four soldiers of the Pak Army and more than five soldiers were injured. At the same time, four outposts were destroyed.

The Pakistani army continued to fire until late in the evening. It is known that for the last several days, the Pak Army has been firing in Manjakot, Kalal, Sundarbani, Kerry sector of Rajouri district along with Tarkundi, Balakot, Krishna Valley, BG, Shahpur Kirani, Poonch, Gulpur sector of Poonch. The purpose of Pakistan is to infiltrate the Indian territory of terrorists. The Pakistani army also opened fire on five outposts and two dozen villages in five sectors of Poonch district on Thursday. The Indian Army has continued to give a befitting reply to the Pakistani army.

It is worth mentioning that the security forces are also continuing operations to wipe out the terrorists. All the major terrorist commanders active during or before 2014-16 have been killed or fled to Pakistan. Only two-four is active in the plaintiff at this time. To stop the growing number of terrorists, its leadership needed to be attacked. This strategy worked. Its direct effect was also on the morale of the cadre. 

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