(Juhi Aishwary, Intern Journalist):  The Telangana police claimed that all the nine people whose bodies were found dead from a well here last week were murdered. These brutal murders were committed by a 24-year-old man to hide a woman’s murder.

On Monday, police arrested the killer Sanjay Kumar Yadav, three days after the bodies of a total of nine people, including six members of the same family, were removed from the well in Gorekunta village of Warangal. Sanjay, who hails from Bihar, confesses his crime. Warangal Police Commissioner V Ravindra said that the police would ensure that he gets maximum punishment. He told that Sanjay, who has been living here for six years, had mixed sleeping pills in the food. While unconscious, he dragged everyone to the premises of a factory to make sacks and threw them into a well.

48-year-old Maqsood, the head of the victim’s family, came here from West Bengal 20 years ago. The bodies of Maqsood, his wife, daughter, and three-year-old grandson were extracted from the well on Thursday. A day later, the bodies of two of Maqsood’s sons, a friend, and two others working in the factory were removed from the well. Maqsood’s wife threatened Sanjay that she would complain to the police about her missing niece. This woman was also murdered by Sanjay on March 6.

Sanjay had been living with her and her three children for four years. He took her on a train in West Bengal on the pretext of meeting her family to talk about marriage. During the journey, he strangled the woman by throwing sleeping pills in the buttermilk and threw her out of the train.

On returning, she told the woman’s children that she had gone to her relative’s house. But Maqsood’s wife suspected him. On 20 May, Maqsood had a son’s birthday; he arrived at his house that day. He added sleeping pills to the food, which after eating all became unconscious.

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