Suparna Ghosh(Intern Journalist) Kolkata: Nimtala Burning Ghat to have a new section solely dedicated for cremating bodies that are unidentified or rather undisclosed. According to the reports, two old incinerators are identified to be the section for getting bodies cremated.
The health department of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has done the job of claiming a section at Nimtala Burning Ghat. It also decided to bring crematorium staff only to catalyst the whole process of cremation of the bodies undisclosed. Clearly from a source, the matter is soon going take to take place only after the COVID-19 crisis in a place named Dhapa, as said by a KMC official.

As instructed earlier, disposal of such bodies needs to be given keen attention, as well as maintenance of proper hygiene, should be followed. The bodies must be fully covered and wrapped tightly to avoid filthiness. The officials and the staff must ensure the safe transportation of the bodies maintaining strict norms and regulations.

Just only about two weeks ago Garia Crematorium clearly favored a mess while handling the unclaimed bodies and hence due to this circumstance it invited chaos of local residents residing there complaining about the foul smell of the dead bodies. It was then when Dhapa was decided to have a newly recognized area for cremating such bodies without much delay.
In spite of dissent from the local residents, search for a place to cremate bodies unidentified was still going on and after a few ambiguous searches, Nimtala Burning Ghat happened to be the definite and concluding one.

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